MOLEK Schools is adequately staffed with quality staff. They are in two main categories: Teaching and Non-Teaching.

  • Teaching staff are employed through a highly competitive process that usually involves oral interview, written interview and micro-teaching.
  • Subject teachers (for Senior Primary and Secondary classes) are specially interviewed in their subject areas to ensure suitability.
  • In all cases, priority is given to those who have necessary teaching qualification and experience.
  • The minimum qualification for our teaching staff is the Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE).
  • Polytechnic (HND) and University (Bachelors) degree holders that are employed as teachers possess, or are encouraged to possess, Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).
  • Class Assistants/Helpers are also employed to support the teachers in the lower Nursery classes. They are mostly Senior Secondary School Certificate holders.
  • Our teachers are given necessary training and staff development from time to time, in order to enhance performance.
  • In summary, MOLEK Schools teachers are known for Professionalism, Academic Excellence, Subject Mastery, Punctuality, Obedience, Dedication, Good Behaviour, Self-Control and Discipline.
There are adequate numbers of non-teaching staff as Secretary, Driver, Cleaner, Gardener, Library Assistant, Laboratory Attendant, Account Assistant, Bus Assistant, Crèche Attendant/Assistant, Gate Keeper, e.t.c. They all have necessary competence and experience.

The staff are very reasonably remunerated, and are paid their remuneration regularly at due time. There is also provision for an annual increment, based on performance of duty.
The staff also has a good number of welfare incentives to keep them happy and motivated.

MOLEK Schools has a documented Code of Conduct for her staff, which is handed over to the staff on assumption of duty.
It covers issues of Discipline, Attendance, Dressing, Inter-personal relationships (with co-staff, with parents, with pupils/students), and Specific rules for teachers, e.t.c.
Breach of the Code of Conduct attracts appropriate sanction.