This is where opportunity is given to pupils to excel and display their talents in areas other than academic work. Pupils take part in essay competitions, debate or drama arts competition. Pupils and students are encouraged to join at least one of the following clubs in the school:
  1. Young Reader’s Club.
  2. Literary and Debating Club.
  3. Computer Club.
  4. Physical Fitness Club.
  5. Drama and Arts Club.
  6. Junior Engineer, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) Club.
  7. Quran Memorization Club.
In addition, the following events exist in the school under co-curricular activities:
  1. Orientation service for pupils.
  2. Excursion.
  3. Inter house sports competition.
  4. Career week activities.
  5. Graduation/Prize giving ceremony
The importance of rewarding excellence in the areas of academics, morals, commitment to duties and sporting activities to deserving pupils cannot be over emphasized.
MOLEK Schools has considered it necessary to reward pupils who perform brilliantly in both academic and non-academics work, in order to rekindle their desire to be the best.