• Pupils/Students are admitted into all the Sections of MOLEK Schools, i.e. Nursery, Primary and Secondary.
  • As a matter of policy, pupils/students are NOT admitted into "examination classes" of Primary (Stage) Class 5, Junior Secondary Class 3 and Senior Secondary Class 3.
  • Students may be admitted to Senior Secondary Class 2 ONLY under special conditions/considerations.
  • Admission into all classes is by request through an Application form which attracts a fee
Creche: For babies below two years of age
Play Class: For children aged between two and three years. Admission is determined by age only
Preparatory Class: For children between 3 and 5 years of age. Admission is by test of ability to make and understand basic statements and write some figures and letters.

No admission into the terminal class of primary (Stage) 5.
Admission into other classes is by competition through a written test.
Only children who have attained the age of 5 years are considered for admission into Primary (stage) 1.

No admission into JS 3 and SS 3 classes.
There is conditional/consideration for admission into SS 2 class.
Admission into all other classes is by highly competitive written test.
There must be evidence of successful completion of JS 3 Class before a child can be considered for examination for admission into SS 1 Class.

A child, who is found unsuitable for the class applied for, may be considered for a lower class in consultation with the parent or guardian.
A formal letter of admission (which contains fees payable and other information) is issued to the child after admission process has been completed.
The parent thereafter completes and submits an Admission Acceptance form.